What is a QR Code?

It is similar to a barcode, but can contain so much more information than the traditional barcode.

We are proud to announce the addition of our “istone”, our interactive headstones. Our “istone” contains the highest standard of quality of all of our granite headstones with the addition of the newest technology available. This interactive headstone will help preserve your family’s history for future generations.

We can add a QR Code to any memorial, old or new, which enables users of iphones, androids, ipads or any other camera enabled smartphone to scan the QR Code and see your loved ones history; such as an obituary, photos, comments left by family and friends and even a video.

How does it work?

Once you scan the QR Code you will be connected to a personalized website which will share your family’s history for years to come. This information can be viewed on a phone or ipad by visitors as they wander through the cemetery or at home by simply typing in a unique web address. Although others may view this information, only visitors authorized by the family administrator can post information on the webpage.

Keep your family’s history alive with our “istone”. Our website is very user friendly and we offer all levels of support to help you bring the past to the life!  All of this for only $85!

See An Interactive Website Demo

barcodeAlternatively, click this link to be taken to the iStone demo page.

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